A crowns (or cap) is a covering that encases the entire tooth surface, thereby restoring and strengthening compromised tooth structure. There are several types of crowns, including porcelain (tooth colored), and full gold. Crowns are highly durable and will last many years, but like most dental restorations, they may eventually need to be replaced.  Crowns are made to restore your natural tooth shape and size, giving you a functional and beautiful smile.

Crowns are necessary for many reasons, including the following:

  • large fillings
  • fractured or broken teeth or fillings 
  • decayed teeth
  • root canal treated teeth
  • cosmetic enhancement

How long do crowns last?

Crowns should last approximately five to eight years.  However, with good oral hygiene and supervision, most crowns will last for a much longer period of time.  Some damaging habits like grinding your teeth, chewing ice or fingernail biting may cause this period of time to decrease significantly.

How should I take care of my crowns?

To prevent damaging or fracturing the crown, avoid chewing hard foods, ice or other hard objects.  You also want to avoid teeth grinding.  Besides visiting your dentist and brushing twice a day, cleaning between your teeth is vital with crowns.  Floss or interdental cleaners (specially shaped brushed and sticks) are important tools to remove plaque from the crown area where the gum meets the tooth.  Plaque in that area can cause dental decay and gum disease.

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